Are you a man who has lived through depression, addiction, trauma, divorce or other overwhelming life challenges? Or do you know and love one? Would you benefit from the lessons learned by other men in similar situations?

The good news is, you’ve come to the right place.

We have gathered stories written by men about men’s mental health and resilience. From our market research we learned that men really want to hear stories from other men about the struggles they have faced and how they have overcome them and also to find tools they can use that have been shown to work.

We chose, as a format, the automobile owner’s manual, for three reasons. One, our hope that it would be a format that men would recognize, and be comfortable picking up and thumbing through, two, that there are a surprising number of automobile metaphors that apply when one is discussing mental health, and three, due to it’s size and shape, it will fit comfortably on the back of the toilet tank, a spot where men would find themselves alone (one would hope), would feel comfortable picking it, and reading it.

Each story is roughly 1,500 words, and can easily be read in one…er…sitting.

OVERVIEW — Four Part Series of Guts, Grit & The Grind

Book 1: The Basics

Chapter 1: Preventative Maintenance

Chapter 2: Troubleshooting

Chapter 3: Breakdown, Repair & Overhaul

Book 2: Advanced Preventative Maintenance 

Chapter 1: Find Your “Classic Car Club” Community

Chapter 2: Family is Your Pit Crew

Chapter 3: Friends Refuel Us

Chapter 4: Tune Up with Total Wellness

Chapter 5: Making Meaning and Zen Motorcycle Maintenance

Book 3: Advanced Troubleshooting

Chapter 1: Overheating with Conflict and Anger 

Chapter 2: Lifting the Hood on Health Problems

Chapter 3: Beyond the Backseat of Intimacy Challenges

Chapter 4: The Rearview Mirror of Grief

Chapter 5: Lacking Horsepower When Money Problems Hit 

Book 4: Breakdown, Repair and Overhaul

Chapter 1: Crash into You — Divorce or Domestic Violence

Chapter 2: Spinning Out of Control with Substance Use Disorders 

Chapter 3: Time to Call the Tow Truck — Reaching Out When You Breakdown 

Chapter 4: When Trauma Runs You Off the Road

Chapter 5: Suicide — A Complete System Breakdown  

A Social Enterprise

A portion of the proceeds from the book will benefit the United Suicide Survivors International, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that helps lift up the voices of people who have lived through personal experiences with suicide.

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